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Speaking the same language is very important for humans no matter what kind of relationship you have – whether you are friends, family, or colleagues. Choosing the right words for the birthday card will not only reduce the communication gap but also make the recipient feel that you truly care about him or her! Using slang is one of the good ways to do so. Whether you plan to congratulate your mate or beloved one with a more informal method, check out our ideas of birthday wishes in australian slang below and take note those you could use!

TOP Funny Birthday Wishes in Australian Slang

  1. Happy birthday, mate! Today, I asked the Almighty God to grant you a path to success as straight as the Eyre Highway. While He is at it, He might as well throw in a kangaroo into the fray so you can get a hoppy ride.
  2. I hope this birthday is just one of many more to come. May your legacy be as staggering and timeless as the 50,000-year-old Aboriginal culture.
  3. In recognition of your awesomeness and all your special works, I hope riches and prosperity queue and line up as large and long as the Great Barrier Reef.
  4. Out goes the old year, and in comes the new birthday. May this imminent year be one so clean and serene as the air in Tasmania. May it be full of laughter and real joy.
  5. Just as the sunshine sticks with you in Australia, you have been a friend who has stuck with me all these years. Cheers!
  6. As you go through this magnificent stage in your life, I pray God smites out all of your problems like you would do a dangerous Brown Snake in your garden.
  7. If I were stuck on the Outback deserts of Australia with just a minute worth of battery on my phone, you would be the first person I would call. I take so much pride in you being my friend.
  8. There are probably as many wonderful and cute sides to you as there are the numbers of different reptile species in Australia.
  9. May your birthday be full of glitter and spark as beautiful as the beaches in Australia. Happy birthday, mate!
  10. Unlike most inner and dry parts of Australia, I pray your garden in life is watered continuously with the lakes and waterfalls of the Mt. Field National Park.
  11. The cracks on your street were probably as big as the Capertee Valley, but never once did you fall in between them. As you mark this birthday, may your focus and sheer will rival that of your compatriots.
  12. You have given me an invaluable amount of your time all these years. Thank you very much. And as a sign of my profound gratitude, I am baking you a cake that will be more appealing than the Hemsworth brothers.
  13. Unlike the numerous reefs across the west coast of Australia that get battered by global warming, I hope your lot in life remains unwavering, unshakable, and unbleached.
  14. The bond you and I share is more magical than the male Lyrebird. Big ups for being the funniest and most inspiring friend I have ever had.
  15. As we celebrate this terrific day of yours, I wish you a great year full of happiness and sunshine. May you live to be old and grey so you can become the oldest Australian ever to live.