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As due dates approach it’s time for mother to say farewell to the work place and embrace home life, preparing for their new baby. Change can be tough and becoming a parent is daunting but knowing what to write in maternity card can offer support and comfort.

Maternity cards are a great opportunity to send kind wishes to the mother-to-be and let them know they will be missed during their family time away from work. The big question is what should you write in a maternity card? What’s the best ways to share your supportive feelings in a professional and personal way?

There’s plenty of words that will help you express your support in a caring and sincere way. A thoughtful card can be a great source of support and joy to look back at during maternity leave.

We’ve gathered together some of the best messages whether you know the mother as an acquaintance or and close work friend.


  1. Happy maternity leave can’t believe you got knocked up just for some time off!
  2. Congratulations on your adorable reason to be awake at 3 a.m.
  3. You know we’re getting old when you start getting pregnant on purpose.
  4. Bottle, Burp, Bed, Bum, REPEAT! Welcome to parenthood!
  5. May your labor be as easy as you were!
  6. Don’t worry, its just the first like 18 years of parenting that are the hardest.
  7. So much for social distancing…
  8. Congratulations on your brand-new fun size human!
  9. Pretty soon, all your post will start with, “and just like that…”
  10. Congratulations! Time to say goodbye to sleep and sex.


  1. The laundry is about to get super cute.
  2. Happy maternity leave! I heard it’s just a lot of drinking tea and napping.
  3. I am lucky to call you my Bestie, I cannot wait for this little one to call you Auntie!


  1. How could you f**king leave me like this?!! (Good luck with maternity leave….! I hear childbirth is a hoot!)
  2. 9 months in your tum! (Should’ve taken it up the bum)