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Wedding days are hectic, as is the planning of a wedding. Fortunately, with a gang of supportive bridesmaids by your side you’ll have the best day of your life. Whether they’ve been your best friend since before you could talk or it’s your closest colleague it can be hard to put your gratitude into words. Luckily, we’ve come up with some inspirations, so Bridesmaid Thank You cards – what to write?

Bridesmaids are happy to help out with whatever a bride needs so receiving a thoughtful thank you card is the perfect way to show your appreciation and maybe apologise for those late-night meltdowns you had over flower arrangements. With all the duties that your friends took on it can be a struggle where to start with a thank you card.

To help you put all your feelings into a short and thoughtful message we’ve come up with some ideas for what to write on a bridesmaid thank you card.

Funny & Rude

  1. B*tch, please, you’re obviously going to be my bridesmaid (and no, that wasn’t a question).
  2. Now act surprised like you had no idea this was coming.
  3. I got my rock, now I need my flock.
  4. Help me keep my sh*t together on my wedding day.
  5. Will you be part of my Bad Ass Crew, when I say “I do”?
  6. I need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, but most of all you.
  7. Will you… Help me pick the perfect dress, calm me down, keep me from crying, hold my dress while I pee, Keep my glass topped up, dance ‘til the lights come on, will you be my bridesmaid?
  8. Not sure of the date, not sure of the place, one thing I know for sure, is I NEED YOUR FACE!
  9. Please make sure I don’t ugly cry.
  10. You helped me through all the frogs, now help me tie down the prince. Will you be my bridesmaid?
  11. I found my mister, but I still need my sister!


  1. I couldn’t tie the knot without you! Will you be my bridesmaid?
  2. My best day ever Includes you! Will you be my bridesmaid?
  3. You’ve stood beside me through thick and thin I want you to be there when I marry him. Will you be my maid of Honor?
  4. Brides’ maid (Noun | \’bridz- mad\) 1 : one of the most important people to be by the bride’s side. 2 : Beautiful symbol of love and friendship. 3 : soul sister.