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Even though people don’t usually have close relationships with their co-workers, it is impossible to miss the celebration of a new arrival and not to say a word! If you are stuck with what to write in a colleague’s baby card, we are here to help you and share some useful ideas!

Coming up with congratulations for a colleague with the newest member of his or her family is not that difficult as you think. There can be some options regarding your preferable style of signing a card. If you want to make your wishes more formal, try to use common wishes such as “Congratulations on your new role as a parent” or “I am very happy for you!”. Short but meaningful messages will represent you as a thoughtful person and colleague.

Whether you prefer to congratulate in an informal way, use inoffensive jokes and well-known facts about raising a child that will make parents laugh. For example, tease about no time for sitting down, sleepless nights, and more clothes to wash! Short funny messages will please new parents and bring more joy to this memorable day.

Choosing one way or another, be careful, and do not overstep personal boundaries. Try to make it discreet but at the same time cute and nice. Here are some great examples of congratulations on a newborn baby. Feel free to write any of them on your card and be sure new parents will appreciate your concern!