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Birthday wishes always challenge our mind – it can be so tricky to pick the right phrases to congratulate colleagues on their day! Common wishes with a friendly tone would definitely work but if you are close enough with the person, why not spend a little bit more time thinking of what you would like to wish? Your time will be paid off with happiness from the recipient’s side!

First tip: wish something that you would wish yourself. The current approach will help you write down sincere and meaningful thoughts. We are all humans and crave a happy life and plenty of memorable moments. Secondly, you can emphasize the level of cohesion with the recipient and how this relationship is important for you. For example, “your support in difficult times and passion for your job always inspire me and push me further. You are a great example for everyone!”. Last but not least, as you are colleagues and work on the same goals, wish the person a lot of luck and great achievements within a job which will help the company grow and prosper.

To sum up, be yourself and try to find words that will lighten the mood of your colleague!

Whether you don’t plan to go for deeper wishes and want to stick to casual ones, we have put some messages below to make your life a little bit easier: