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Bringing a new baby to the world is always a miracle. Nobody can help smiling while looking at these cute eyes not realizing yet what is going on in this big world! This heartbreaking occasion does not happen very often, so it needs special words and congratulations to be written down! In this article we try to offer the best options what to write in a New Baby card.

There are a lot of different ways to express your feelings and congratulate parents on this special occasion. While most people write words straight from the heart and wish something sweet and touching, you can stand out from the crowd and create simple but funny wishes.

If you are willing to do so and make this event even more memorable, think about funny things that newly minted parents will experience later. Make fun of the future struggles a little bit and wish them to be strong and patient enough! A night with no sleep, a lack of free time, the end of noisy parties, and the other joys of motherhood can also easily become a part of your bantering. Use your imagination and examples from real life but remember to do it softly and with love!

To get along with a baby from the first second, make a joke about things you are waiting to teach this small human in the future. Going to pubs together, smoking a pack of cigarettes for a night, spending money on expensive clothes – all these so-called people’s sins will add a dash of humor and put you on the list of the baby’s future best friends!:)

There are many more other ways to express your feelings and congratulate parents on this life-changing event; you can also have a look below, get inspired by our ideas, or simply use suggested wishes for a newborn baby card!